Our growers have various certifications to prove that food safety, traceability, good employment practices and sustainable growing methods are properly embedded at Growers United. You can download the certificates from this website.

Global G.A.P.

All our growers are GLOBALG.A.P. certified. This is the certification system to which supermarket chains across Europe belong. It includes requirements for safe, sustainably grown, high-quality and traceable products. These elements are also found in the QS certificate, a German certification system specially developed for the fruit and vegetable sector.

To guarantee hygiene and food safety at our packaging facilities, they are all BRC Food and IFS Food certified.


In order to embed good working conditions and good employment practices, all our growers are GRASP certified. This is the leading assessment framework for social management at nurseries.

Planet Proof

Our growers cultivate their products as sustainably as possible. To prove this, all our aubergine, sweet pepper and cucumber growers are PlanetProof certified, and more and more of our tomato growers are obtaining this certification every day.