Increasing production area through growth ambitions

Compared to a year ago, the production area of the Growers United cooperative is growing by a total of around 35 hectares to 635 hectares. This growth is due to a new member joining, existing members expanding their production area and the purchase of a cultivation site. Managing Director Jan Opschoor is pleased with their members’ growth ambitions, since forward-looking growers help you progress.

Developments in production area

Developments in production area Most of the growth is in the sweet pepper segment: from 85 to 111 hectares. The blocky pepper segment is growing by 17 hectares as a result of a new build and the purchase of an existing cultivation site. The arrival of a new member in the sweet pointed pepper segment increases the cultivation area in that segment by nine hectares. Besides joining Growers United, Westland-based Firma Ton is also merging with the existing SweetPoint growers. Together they have formed a new company.

Besides sweet pepper, the aubergine production area is also increasing, with a new build taking this segment to 55 hectares. From 2022, Purple Pride will once again be taking over the cultivation of specialties such as regular and mini Graffiti and Nasu aubergines.

The tomato and cucumber production area remains largely unchanged. Although just under 11 hectares of tomatoes are being added, the overall tomato production area will not change, since a number of growers are temporarily switching partly or entirely to cucumber cultivation. Switching between these two crops is possible because Growers United also grades and packs cucumbers centrally, so members of the cooperative can switch crops without having to make substantial investments in grading and packaging lines.


The above developments tie in well with the Futureproof programme which Growers United launched in 2020. As the name suggests, this is all about the future of the growers. What knowledge do you need to run your business as we head towards 2030? How will your business and the cooperative need to develop? Growers United has a separate group for its young entrepreneurs called Under 40. Together they develop knowledge and share experiences and ideas on succession, forms of cooperation and strengthening their own businesses. The cooperative aims to make a significant contribution to future-proof greenhouse vegetable growers, with members’ interests being a top priority and customer satisfaction the norm. To ensure a strong position for all members both now and in the future, Growers United not only helps its current members to develop but is also happy to welcome new ones.