Renewed BRC and IFS certificates for Growers United

Growers United’s packaging centre in Maasdijk, the Netherlands has retained its BRC and IFS certificates for 2022. The audit recently took place and the auditor approved how the organisation manages and controls food safety.

The annual audit lasted three days and took place without prior notification. The inspection showed that the small pack company in Maasdijk has food safety nicely in order. Furthermore, from the interviews with the auditor it became clear that there is a lot of knowledge and information present within the organisation, and that the employees communicate transparently about it.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) and International Food Standard (IFS) certificate are both focused on food safety. IFS is the leading standard for German and French retailers, while BRC is the benchmark for retail in the UK.

Good food tastes even better when it’s from a trustworthy source.