European consumers focus on natural and healthy food

‘The current inflation forces consumers to keep track of their spending,’ says Mark van den Barg, Senior Trade Marketeer at Growers United. ‘But that does not mean their health is under threat. Quite the contrary. Through their extensive European research from April 2022, GfK showed that European consumers remain focussed on natural and healthy food.’

Fresh and unprocessed products are part of a healthy lifestyle
‘Growers United also does research in consumer behaviour. Based on the results, we can say that on average, 18% of the consumers in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom see nutrition as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. When making food choices, this group focuses on characteristics like vitamins, minerals, fibres, fresh, unprocessed, and natural.’

‘Poland proves to be a great example of this mindset; 26% of its population already focuses on healthy food. Fresh vegetables are even consumed during breakfast. The rest of Europe should take note, as the average European consumer does not even come close to the daily intake of fruit and vegetables recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Instead of the minimum of 400 grammes of fruit and vegetables a day, the consumption barely exceeds 349 grammes, according to Freshfell Europe Consumption Monitor in 2021. And the average consumption of vegetables does not even cover half of this amount, with a daily intake of just 140 grammes.’

Nudging; a gentle push towards the fruit and vegetable section
‘How can we react to this? Together, as a chain?’ Mark asks. ”˜Through keeping consumers inspired to make healthy food choices. Think of recent supermarket campaigns that encourage shoppers to develop a healthier lifestyle by making small changes to their eating and movement pattern. Nudging – a gentle push in the right direction – has already proved to be very effective in directing consumers to the fruit and vegetable section.’

‘A current collaboration of Growers United ’perfectly matches this campaign. Recently, we started sharing our knowledge with nutritionist Manon Wouters. Through Instagram, she reaches 50.000 followers every day, with her fun food facts and smart food changes. And in one of our next blog posts, she will discuss our collaboration and the nutritional value of our greenhouse vegetables.

‘I feel there is even more to gain when we share our specific knowledge and experience, and spot opportunities together as a chain,’ Mark says. ”˜And ultimately, consumers will benefit from this!’

Based on our research data, Growers United encourages shoppers to include more vegetables into their diet. Curious to know how we do this? Stay informed at or get in touch, via or +31 (0)174 238 000.